Monday, 3 April 2017

This old man and the sea

Sailing, Sailing
has great attraction
because after all the enormous
load of cash has been
on the front
you can take
the ballast
and go anywhere
as close in this world
as there is to be free

To be seriously safe
and pampered when the big
blue ones are all around
and your alone on deck
you need a half a mill
or so to keep you

At low tide there are Bavaria and others
just like Hanse
mass produced and giving good
value that way.
Stepping up to baby
super yacht 
you have to start with Oyster
the mother and Gunfleet
the orphan of an father
who sold at exactly the
right time
and has had an 
enormous plan
to see the world
for anyone 
with salt in their
veins and a wanderlust
that tv
can not stare

Right now right here
if I won the lottery
I would buy 
an Adventure 55
cause its made of 
aluminum and 
lighting strikes
are best amoroled
by a big ground
and thats aluminum
Next aluminum is lighter
than glass fiber and stronger
by the pound
and the third strike
in Aluminum favour
is you can just let it oxidize
and it dont need the every two
year $25,000 paint job

I look upon a berth as 
a place to sleep
so if I am going to 
design the perfect
space which is exactly
what a sail boat is
I am not going to 
make the bedroom
a luxury hotel room
I would be fine with 
a queen sized carbon
fiber framed

Take a Oyster
make it with 
an aluminum
From Garcia
add in as much
doomsday surviavablilty
as reasonable
and in bespoke
Adventure 55
this old man
would sail
blue water

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