Saturday, 15 April 2017

Habs Playoffs

Montreal has everything going
against it when it comes to 
winning the cup
taxes, refs
but still 
we want to produce
without pure wool

Last night was
fire on ice
and the rouge
blanc and blau
Sometimes time can betray you. I thought that was the most exciting game I had seen forever. Maybe it was the HD maybe is the fact the the whole season and given the window the whole franCHise was on the line. But that game moved me a stone cold killer into wanting red blood. It was in the history of this franchise the finest momements of the 21st century no matter what the ulitimate outcome. We live in a very diversived world and ethnic victorys are history. This was the last great
gasp of those who wear t
urtlenecks and love strippers as much as their wives.

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