Monday, 3 April 2017

I am an anarchist lite

All the people 
hating civilisation
have never
lived through the middle ages

The US Marines may
know best when
they burn down the
village to save it
after all they have
footballs full of
cash that will
make a touchdown
on every 500 

government is we
just holding hands
knowing we are
all human
no matter what
the password
to the top flight
you fly so high
and you can crash
and thats great
for you
but I never got
a pilots lice
and that is the 
same for the majority
of the 8 billion humans
who you above

Know one thing lightwing
even if it takes 6000 
years like the last
Knowhow empire
your going to fail
and all the people
who lived life extra
large for a time
anyone can even 
are not 
going to 
be happy 
with you

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