Tuesday, 18 April 2017

John Moore should win an award for directing Pee Wees

I come from Halliburton which I pronounce to
everyone I dont know as Toronto
cause telling someone something
that they cant  find on thier
compass is just wasting

I travel the world
and people insist upon
asking to make
some obsure reference
and to be polite
you have to ask
is that in Mesopotamia
or Michigan

I worry about the CHildren
because like every parent
we worry
this is the neurotic
prescription to most
gateway drugs
I worry so I  dont sleep
I worry so I show up
at my kids university interview
I worry so I contact my
kid new employer
I am a helicopter
the Taliban could
not shoot down

If my kids are so wonderful
why do i worry so much
well its because of all the things
they dont know

like are they fully detached
from Santa Clause
because all the intelligence
I receive
the generation
that is no way in the greatest
who would die fast
in any war
believes in nothing

Make my brain explode
there is something
like my credit card
saying approved
your God
my Card
for every party
cause even if they  
dont call the cops
no one can afford
to party unless
they are 
a Muppet
or a Flop\
or just

Thats harsh
but you got to be
a collaborator
to milk some
wealth out of
a dead

Yeah I am a sports 
these people come from
all walks of life
this is a true diversity
team building story
where 20%  of fans
would let there worse
enemy have unlimited
sex with their wife
if there was a significant
a team win.

I stream
not like I am fishing
for trout
I stream content
in a grey area
and the moment
it ends 
I forget what I did

So I am streaming free
Rodgers and the players
are all moving like two
people playing table
top hockey
and I say to myself
what the fuck

Before every thousand attempt
I give Rodgers before I abandon
them as hopelessly corrupt
I hear a commercial from the voice of
and because I have heard it 
a thousand times
I am pretty sure it is
John Moore
the guy who paved
the way for Justin Trudeau
by being a success
with in formative education.

John Moore ductility voice telling
12 year old kids they are in a competition
not to play hockey
but to be 
better than
kleingbeger kids
the chosen
go to Africa
first class
live in 
zero footprint
land rovers

When I was a kid
I had no responsibility
who thought it was a good
Idea to make children
responsible for the

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