Friday, 18 March 2016

Trumph the religion

Trump is the new pope of America
and he rules with hate
hate the losers
and the people
who work but never
become rich
cause they are losers
everyone should be rich
if they followed his
that logical fallicy
is communism
in reverse

In Europe they have no Tony Robbins
they have no Oprah
they know that life
is just so it goes
its that and if you
get a chance
make something more

Trump in Canada
is Iggy
the loser
that the backroom guys
picked to be more Harper
but a intellectual face
that appealed to intellectuals
because who could vote
against a smart guy

Turns out he was so smart
he was crazy
in his thinking
last century

Trump will be the next
presidnet of the untied
and Pinoy will rul;e

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