Thursday, 3 March 2016

Transaction Costs

Transaction costs are costing me my life
and I am in know way alone
because it appears I have
never been thinking
aboot what makes
a transaction legal
how wealth is built
and the law of constraints
let alone the future
of improbability 
that smacks down
the nail that sticks up
most of the time

Reality has no beggars
they are all dead
because in the real world
you need to work to survive
but what will happen 
when there really is no work
robots can clean up all the shirty
shitty skid marks of life

I call it a mass suicide
like helicopter parents
dropping turkeys on 
their kids 
from a great height
on Thanksgiving
cause the
never leaned 
that lesson
from WKRP

I can see it all
and have come to 
what seems to be the 
universal conclusion
I dont give a fuck
bring on the sixth
cause I am safe and warm
and I got my girl

Yeah I got kids
but I know intrinsically
when the boogie man
has a snowboard riding
a 100 meter wave
I will be sand
on the beach

No one trust anyone anymore
its like a Marple mystery
where the murder guy
has an UZI

Every day in the good old USA
or even more than\
that total
someone goes 
what we used to call

What is it about delivering the mail
with a pension that made people lose
their minds?
Well if you had to ask
be afraid, very afraid
because the postal worker
with a gun 
was NRA approved

Sooner or later some leader
is going to have to say a
big word
and hope the public agrees
or at the very least
the corrosive effect
of nihilism

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