Monday, 7 March 2016

Open letter to woman everywhere

You may be what is considered hot
or not
but it does not really matter in the end
cause every woman is the most beautiful\
creation on this earth
cause they give birth
and mother and fathers
will always fall in love

Men love women
thats a statement
that will be true
untill the earth drops
into the sun
or gets anhilabet
by the superblast
of supernova

The only thing that
really matter is
how much your
man loves you.

I have loved a girl
who by chance
and lucky me
was an undiscovered
supermodel for over
thirty years
and she still shine
and If  I could change
the tone of this
beautiful discusion
makes me very

That is to say I am
so attracted to my
giril every day
I find it hard
to keep
my hands away

thats the way it always was
until today when
girls are treated
like cars
and you should be like
your neighbour who
traded up to a more
beautiful model
and if you are that
I expect you
will explode
when the sun
hits your
stupid flesh

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