Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Better call Saul Season Two Episode 7

Artistic freedom exercised creating a visual Beatles and bob Dylan canvas upon which everyone can paint their dreams and fears. Modern anxiety layed bare in mega pixels dancing dark and light. Every man is Jimmy and every women Kim. Adam and Eve for the day we live in. We reject the babbles and beads for some real earth. Of course we all have a weakness, maybe the perfect desk fills that worth hole. Sheep and wolves, or chickens with teeth, its a long ride to find out personal classification and reexamination and doubt.

There is something profound going on slipping Jimmy, thank you for taking me there.


  1. steve I'd like to work at an office with you. Not in a partnership you understand, but we could share expenses but work separately. I don't think I could live with your colourful approach

    1. thanks for that endorsement 29. If only I had not only scored 643 on my LSAT it could have come true.