Thursday, 26 November 2015

What we feel is what we demostate when the streets have no reason

Look body a I feel b about you
and now your trying to kill me
at least thats what my TV
told me

We looking at the big picture
always see
humans do not kill humans
the lizard brain is set free

Mulslim Christian, hindu or Sik
with a sword no matter how small on
their chest
do not give a fuck about
making you one of them
the only thing they care
most about
is just like you and me
and in any language
its spelled and spoken
the same
we are talking about
writing about
makng videos about
and doing some
face book on the side
the one thing the internt
can not destroy
with knowledge
bescause there is no
chance of made up lies
to gain a place
in the media

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