Sunday, 8 November 2015

Answer to the question why all the Zombies


We have Zombies
they are everywhere
eating up the content
of today
like brains
and burping
the truth
we are 
never safe
so says the 
lizard brain

I love Zombies
I love the Apocalypse
because I have an 
exaggerated sense
an do not drive
a V W 
of the shame
its like a car
has become
in more than name
and we are talking
about the people
that brought you the Holocaust
and now I just have to wonder
if this was a big mistake
or something wrong
with a beautiful people
that make them think
that they can cheat
and change the place
because they know the answer
but the time to get
there will make 
the train late
so why not run over
a few pedestrians
if we can achieve the goal
which we no longer know
cause we long ago
sold our souls

Zombies Zombies Zombies
we got Zombies
Zombies and Zombies
and town criers
wake up Zombies
but you might as well
try to teach a Baptist 
to dance when 
they are not underwater
near death\
getting saved
by having 
their head held 
down in the drink
while the evil
flows like water
around them
so cleansing of
invisible sins
that humans
do do do do
but we should
never forget the 
big one

The big one is letting the
Zombies win
I wear a tinfoil hat 
with pride
like you wear
a sports branded
baseball cap

My cap cost me
about 50 cents
and a lifetime 
of origami
but it fits
and can transform
can your planet killing
polyester formed by 
slave labour duplicate

If your still reading
you gotta wonder why
we still do not know
why the Zombies
are in our minds
like vampires
and in every household
they are thinking aboot
armour up and
buying more tinfoil

There is a simple explanation
if you read the paper of record
the grey lady
the New York Times
It brings you Paul Krugman
but for the most part the 
rest of the paper is pure
the most effective
number station ever
for the MAN
to disseminate the big lie
and give fuel to the
reality distortion field
that takes so much energy
it must fail
and the CIA know
this and thus Zombies

Zombies are plan B
Like a doctor that 
has diagnosed 
his own death
the CIA 
has given us
that is their 

Did that explanation make little sense
then step down to the pedestrian explanation
the powers that be know
we are going to have major trauma
and they are prepping us with the Zombie
so when they head shoot you down on the street
your relatives will not complain so 
its just part of the show.

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