Thursday, 19 November 2015

Seriously Beautiful

Seriously beautiful making the rounds
picking up all the bonus points
that establish the fact
and the truth be known
you are all part of the master
the arm
behind the 
invisible hand

Taking a look at you
I instantly knew
you were seriously 
but when I did a background
it turns out you are not
for the man

Despite the costume changes
one day all glam
the other so natrual
the sun would hide
so as not to give you
a tan

So seriously beautiful
there is a sliver lining
in this chaotic time
when the Zombies
come knocking on your
they will get nothing 
but kick ass
from your silver feet

Seriously beautiful 
not good enough
took the knife
and carved
plastic parts
and made herself
into a couch 
covered in plastic
with the same

Real seriously beautiful
don't need no help
from the pharmacy or hospital
no surgeon no matter how
skilled could sculpt such 
a face as the worst of the
seriously beautiful
has on her face
because the threshold 
is so high
the worst is
still some i n the sky angel 

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