Monday, 30 November 2015

Stainless Steel Rat Coffe Pot

Beneath the stainless steel exterior
you see is
a designer 
coffee pot is
percolating over
and over
every time you
bring your heat

Wrapped in Canada Goose
and sparkles
you make
the cold a
puncuation remark

I am cold
a domestic Finlander
short on Vodkov
and long
on the forest and the trees
the northern lights
and other things
that speak to me
and do not expect
an answer

So coffeepot
what do you want to brew
something domestic
or a more international flavor
where there is more atmosphere
and less of
me and you

Roads well travelled
drive my car on its
I do not register at the controls
and that's why it brings
me home alone
every night I leave work

No room for passengers 
in my perfect life
I have the good wife
she is something special
not so they say
something special that
could make the worlds
orbit change
if I asked her 
the right way

Can not believe when I look outside
I have been wearing goulashes
while most of the world died
from slush that was produced
not by winter
but by excessive summer

My survival instinct is in overdrive
and I cant afford that car
but I want one anyway
and maybe that is what 
keeps me working
when the cynic 
would shut down
not going to stop 
even if it is just
be writing it all down
in titanium
so someday a hundred thousand
years from now
some prospector 
will find true gold
true gold like Jerry wrote
true gold that would 
make me laugh that way
which was better than living
cause I loved you 
more compactly
 than coal
loved diamonds

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