Thursday, 27 November 2014

Replace Copyright with Patronage

Copyright is silly because its a pyramid scheme. The so called original thought was only there because of a vacuum. The song or plot always existed someone just discovered it. I am not saying there was not a form of genius involved or real discovery. Nevertheless with every plot and note copyrighted the creative process is restrained. Its so obvious in music where the notes are all copied but skewed enough to hold off the lawyers. But I mean honestly listen to pop today, or country music everyday, every song sounds the same. Legions of players backed by legions of lawyers find some crawl space they call original. Yet the listener knows its all the same. 

It seems a natural process is setting the notes and plots free. There is really not much new since Mozart and Shakespeare hit the stage. People are pushed to make something new and they do, but today its all derivative. What I am trying to say is that if you gave creators a matter of fact. Entertainment is like Lego, a story built on building blocks. If you are are a Lego master and you build something wonderful I agree you should be rewarded. But not with a seize and desist order on creative for almost a century.

Entertiament should be regulated like other essential parts of life. There are ways to bring profit to the cutting of angles on the hair of a pin. Content creators are important but they are just bread and cirucs to the real effort. Humans have to escape this planet because its like a beater car, falling apart.

Performers are a sacred resource to humans who need this kind of distraction
the most. We all like to fly with our imaginations because the private jet would put most of us out of our house with the flying payments. Lets compare jobs in the entertiament industry. Athletes who could be brain dead as far as serious thought is concerned are worshipped. The fact the Waynee Greetzky thinks Stephen Harper is the Greatest Prime Minister Ever will gather him some votes. If that is not the most brain dead opinion ever, tell me one worse?

Government in a perfect state manages human potential perfectly. The old money has the money and they know they are geriatric but still they can afford a great defence. For centuries incompetent fools who won the DNA lottery have ruled the world. For sure some have soared but most have lost. Consider the fact the Winston Churchill  was part of the movement that created the concentration camp and authorised the first use of chemical weapons against civilians.

Democracy works every time its tried. The reason is that there is no perfect solution just a series of cogint  compromise. The cream of ideas takes centuries to rise.. George Washington might have stood on his moral horse and said no slavery. Then America would never have been born, and history would have been delayed by many more centuries of rule by the stillborn.

Lets bring democracy to entertainment. Fund the ones who pass the test of education and enlightenment. For those who fall through the cracks make web hits another counterpart. Culture historically has been a source of great riches for investors. This is fucking stupid. I can have the Mona Lisa painted perfectly so well  Lenardo would be fooled on my wall. I say why not, why not, what narrastic manisfesto resticts my human access to human dreams?

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