Saturday, 8 November 2014

Did The Man bury Zero Theorem?

Without any further explanation I would say yes. Zero Theorem alone sounds communist. In reality its a film by Monty Python dynamo Terry Gilliam. He has made masterpieces like Time Bandits and Twelve Monkeys.  Zero Theorem is his latest attempt to explain to the people that when it comes right down to it, no matter who you are your fucked. The only true happiness exists in evolution, if you can not grab the sun like a beachball and control the sunset, your doomed to a life of mediocrity and death.

Terry Gilliam like me believes all religions no matter what great case they give for existing are at the root just business. Go forth and multiply is what built Walmart and do not get me started on Amway. Amway that's an interesting schism in the heart of the faith. Like two Texan football teams depending upon God to get advantage little Amway went against what would be considered Gods will of retail as it had been defined in the Bible. Yet they prospered so the interpreting is true. And Lordy Lordy Lordy the model of retail first seen in the new testament is in full retreat. Only Priests can afford to shop offline these days.

You think Moses had terror, nothing compared to what we face, at least his people were if not united scared as fuck he would go full bore. Dude I don't like Moses and his one God thing, but did you not see what he did to that river?

Today my leader tells me he will bomb ISIS and turn my world into a successful Stasi to keep me safe and I just laugh. Gods can promise, humans mostly just fuck up. Look I do not want to be cynical.  Aside from about 20% of the worlds populations we have emerged from the caves. Most of the 20% of dissenters was up in front until the change hit them centuries later like cultural menopause. Notice I have used 20% twice and that is mathematical advice.  This world is built upon math which is a knowledge that is very simple. Science is math applied to circumstance and its open to all kinds of ambiguities. Math is pure and should really be the heart of the Vatican of human life.  However math minds probably at one time without malice created statistics to feed their universe. Imagine them as insects with the feelers out taking real world events that could not be biological and infusing them with the magical.

Knowledge is power. Can you image a world where brutes with sword ruled without competition?  The Boston Bruins perennial winners. The strongest man was leader until he dies, and if his sons are strong enough to continue the rule remains the same.  By the same standard Stephen Segal would rule the world today. I bitch slap you bitch! Is it only me who loves Segal movies observed his martial arts look like bitch slapping. I give Stephan Segal his due. Laugh all you want this man did what a billion plus people on this earth could not do.

In 1597,  yeah it took that long for the people in power to realise it was easier to take power by occupying the opponents head instead of decapitating it. Francis Bacon made the first declaration that power could be soft like a women.

Soft power is the soft armour of the Military Industrial Complex. They exist for profit of course and are virtually immune to any kind of thinking that does not fee their profit center.  Its insane and our networks know that. Look for this feature of the post Soviet cold world to collapse, Hey Dude we can live on in this world as long as we do not have a nuclear meltdown. We can deal with climate change exponential from below and above. From below we all know we have
done ridiculous stupid things that make mother nature keep us out of her kitchen. Sure she wants to cook, but with only a partner who can dance
and does not have oil herpes.

Humankind has reached a threshold that we fail to recognise. Come hell or high we can ameliorate most human extintinon events. THIS IS PARTICULARLY  POSSIBLE WHEN WE CREATE ALL THE SHIT THAT WILL WIPE US AWAY.

There is a movie I really admire and it portrays the worst of modern people.
Its like every fantasy of someone from one postition come real. Can you image a world where PETA had control. They are sending animal abuse perps to prision.
But it gets worse. The head of PETA goes full bore. Murder an animal and you murder a man and for that we have a plan.  Now this whole thing is LEED certified from the start, and I do not blame the architet, he only made a false furt covered building, there is no way he intened to live in it. He should be shot. We should not have a low threshold for death. However design is everthing and fail at that die fucker die.

So now we have no design lets just build concrete blocks. If this does not inspire you, you need to know we are paying big bucks to bring
LEGO separtis our way.

Are you confused?
So am I
and I will now direct you
you have never been
I do not want to fight
with you
but can you
at least put
the ammo
down large
you got one
in you chamber
it speaks loud

It is good to live in a village where you know your welcome. In this place of great construct we welcome no great weaking, but can stand some simutatativve success, If you expected something else I wil add you disappointed energy to our demad. I could go on and on and I have a big bugaboo about forced or even sneaky labaour. We do not work the coal mines in Canada. We do not grab hold of pipes that coiuld save the rig in Canada. We know one things as warriors
our people love that we have died for a supposition,
Wake up Zombies they are taking your cash to kill you
in a reform a con version
of christsl landing future

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