Saturday, 22 November 2014

Canadian civilians fighting ISIS

Would you be surprised the first one identified is the son of Randy Hiller?
Now the right would say there is no hypocrisy. The fight for truth and liberty we are always on that side, even Pinochet, Baby Doc, Qaddafi Duck, Somoza and a thousand others had a good side.

The fact is when you join a side
you are so open to the blindside
that the enemy is us.

Bad guys are all around
look at Mexico
where we bankroll one
and say the drug
war is just swell

Canada should stay out
of this mess of corruption
because that is all it is
there is no right
no wrong
only money
and sadly its the 
same situation 
in the Ukraine
and maybe
as Del Mastro
and others have 
right at home 
in your local riding

Some say politians
are all the same
that's what the truly 
bad ones spend millions
on hoping you never
ask anyone to 

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