Tuesday, 4 November 2014

How much reality can I tolerate

For everyone who wants 
a new future
based upon a failed past
I axe yoi

Rehtoric do not pk]==\\\
 or do a single thing
to adane
a platform
 built upon 
specia interest tax breaks
this is the sign upon
which we need to summon
our internatll
Yes U knoqw 
with the web
he had a great passion
and intial success
 but his metor watched 
as he was drawn and quartered
and fir ys
tgat  should  be reassing
 becayse ub thus wikj=-=d
one dollar beyond
the grasp equalls
planatary success.

We lo v=e t = ge ] ruch
so many people have not===
ab idea about the eqyatuib

and they would starve to death if the 
rich did not financee
eloborate prisons.

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