Thursday, 1 December 2016

Trump Diary Day 8ish: Trump firmly in command

Love him or hate him
one thing Trump has already
is that he is incredibly effective
and hits goals
like a hellfire
at a wedding party

The Carrier thing
aint no small beer
he backed down
the military industrial complex
in their HVAC pursuits
and maybe we will find
he over payed
but for fucks sake he is not
even president
and he is twisting the Man's

The existential question of the Trump Presidency
is all in the delivery
of policy that upsets the apple
cart and gives all the hangers
on terminal farts
because the reality distortion
field can no longer contain
the stink

Humans are simple beings
most at home living like
mountain gorillas
and never doubt every
man wants to be a 
silver back
no one could have imagined
and squirrel back
would rule
and this is revisionary
in social media
and places
where books 
are read as well
its just a new new new
newness that we needed
so bad
and its being delivered
by a 71 year old lad

Trumps a racist and he hates women
that is so disgusting 
repeating that should be a hate crime
Trump likes to win and he assembles
his team with that dream
and based upon his track
record we are going to feel 
really good for the next four

Just like Reagan who IMHO
set the world on fire
we have Trump and
he will sail 
and the rest of us
will digest the statistics
that say its way way better
but wonder why the food
bank we depended on 
has closed
while we find
you own one share of 
milo mindbender
envelopes cooling in 
our dead fridge

Gravity and thermodynamics together
can just about capture the whole
range of human expression
while gravity works at 9.8 meters
per second thermodynamics is like
a human 
taking time to warm up or turn cold
but once we both do
if your on the wrong side
of the equation
your dead

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