Thursday, 1 December 2016

Money its a Gas

We are talking Pink Flyiod
cirea 1871 or later
but its still money]
and most peeople
know they pay

So money its a gas
is that a Sonnerrcomando
where your friends take
all you got
to kill you
that four months
is all they have got

Talk a bout a dilimma
but it should be instructive
how long do you want to live
carry carry carrry on with
extensital backpack this

Believe me know and I will
tell you later verbally
this is the sixth extictin
from the time mammals
could remeber
there was all lots
of stinky stuff that
went on before
the dinisorus
had enought

What to do today
is the question
and how to survieve
is the bigger question

So we got to stop today
burring carbon
and its like saying
to a Herion addict
kill all poppies
but in the real life
we got to stop
the injection of
and start thinking
for ourselves
for a good while
and then after\
good meditaton
it will be near
obviously much
closer than the
Trump Election
that the anwer
was hydrogen

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