Thursday, 10 September 2015

What do I feel and can that feeling save the human race from the big 6th extinctin. I hope so

Look you fucking humans
you no matter how
your fucked up
and not ready for the
big show
cause no one would
watch you do your
bathroom thing
to be ready for the Camey
cause your real face
is a horrorshow of imperfections
and like the Chinese Oprah
that ruled the planet for 6000
years we respond to beautiful;
eunuchs confident in the knowledge
we will never be fucked

The ship is sinking 
your gonna die 
if you do not get 
out right now
and the idiots
grab baggier
cause they want
to die
they are so 
divorced from reality

Life mean Life
and flesh and blood
but if you got
somehow the stupid
of the human gene
your fucked
you may be rich
you may have a fancy
car and a big house
in a hot market
with no solar cells
cause that in you 
stupid mind would
cost you over 

We got one boat
one boat
Syrian refugees
prove that
so should we be Stalin
or Gwb

i GO with the second choice
we got a boatload of technology
and its really really close to making
humanity free

If I could just mention Eldon Musk
and I wish that was me
I know nothing about this
but it seems he do not care
about the past
he is going to live his life
changing humanity
with his code
which to me 
we all should be proud

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