Friday, 18 September 2015

Free Trade Free Trade Free Trade as useful in practise as Communism for capitalist

Its all about the nickel 
or in the reality of high
frequency trending
a nano sent
traded at the speed
of light twice
while you at your
keyboard slept
like twelve hours

If the giant squid is to conquer the 
entire world and enslave humans
in an better way than eUNchs
he must pass treaties
like Jabba the Hut
even if your powerful
you need alliances
to assume perpetuity
cause there is always
a Paul Krugman
a real smart ass
who understands
what you are doing
and can not be paid
and is too high profile
to kill

Right now today
our future is on some kind
of balance
if somehow 
we push the wrong keys
we are going to perish
just like the six civilisations
before us
and evidence
indicates they got 
closer to God
than we ever did
and for the seventh 
can we not leave
some kind of titanium
message on the top 
of Everest
in math, in math alone
this is the only thing to'
do not be stupid with prejudice
or love
because both 
can easily kill you 
freely and do every day
in the flux
where humans live
in between totally robotic
and chimpanzee

I am here to save the 
if you listen to mE
I am called

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