Sunday, 13 September 2015

Special Announcement aboot Hookers and Blow

Gerry Buttman announced today the New Vegas Hockey Team would be called to no ones surprise "Hookers and Blow"  In a statement Buttman gushed " its like we labelled the city" Waxing a bit philosophical Buttman continued " Maslov's needs are so 2oth century, we are in the Sex, Drugs and Gambling era."

The New Vegas team also has a customised CBA.  Buttman was ecstatic boasting how "the New Vegas team would be profitable from day one."

With the anchor of Arizona threatening to sink the league this was a triumph for Buttman.  The New Vegas team would be the first pro franchise where the players paid to play. 

Buttman explained " many players get to a stage in their career where they have made thirty or forty million but still feel empty, playing for Hookers and Blow will give them that coke fuelled decent into hell that so many wish for, but so few can pull off legitimately"

The only question remaining is who will take of the huge responsibility of being Captain. According to the CBA he will control the Hookers and Blow.  Buttman said "the ideal candidate will have all the best leadership qualities and unique life experiences of a Keith Richards /Tiger Woods mashup"

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