Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dismal Post Journalism Media

The Yellow press was not invented by Hearst
but he laid the foundation and empire
efforts have continued mathematically
culminating recently with Faux News
media concentration
no longer creating events
just for speculation
but mining for determination
caving in the mind
to the point where slick Kabuki Theater
presented flat and round
is for most the only source of
governing information
coming down

While the world was coming to grips with these
personality decisions involving no less
than GWB and Tony Blair
north of the border
the same projects were
bleeding sores
testaments to the power of Capitalists
to back losers as part of the 
larger viewpoint
and ultimate goal
of a business controlled society
working the body politic hardly
and relentlessly to create
a sled dog future for humanity

How many hundreds of millions of dollars
has Postmedia let fall
since conception in
twenty ten.
Even more illuminating
is how its concentration 
and thought machine
has masticated
like American Politiccal
cancer draining
the vibrancy from the 
land of the former
Strong and Free
who have without
been also branded
but for security's sake
put the flags away

The National Post has betrayed
it thinks you can be played
tell them write back
you do not have to be a salesman
to know your being sold
thats why your losing so much 
money Aholes

Case in point less than a week ago
Marget Atwood the author of the day
epitomising the Canadian soul
penned a dirty little Hairball
about Harpers Hair
and was yanked unceremoniously 
then reappeared restarted in safety mode

objectionable language
had disappeared
editorial staff scoffed
 postdastardly deeed
Sheepishly leaking the Simpson defence 
it wasn't me.
Shattering credibility
an American hedge fund
defacto ruling Canadian
press institutions
it should be against the Constitution.

The holi poli and the muppets
victims of their own intelligence
forced to be spoon fed full
of ignorance in order
to live happily in jail
Yello men happily pay
the bail 
guaranteeing their freedom

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