Friday, 31 October 2014

Van Gough cut his ear off to save me!

Van gough cut his ear off for me
some say it was he was crazy
I say he just did not know
another way to keep 
the crazy voices of humanity
at bay.

I got no traction
I say things so diamond
and they are viewed as glass
like I am some kind
of wordy smartass

No I should not be a respected one
I have lived on vapors 
for my entire life
but if you are bound in concrete
the flow will still get to you
we vapors and solids
need to co exist to meet
the great challenge
comming as mist

The challenge defined by climate change
we smart monkees have put our ignorant paws
on the great thermal exchange
we have distributed the flows
in the way a billion years ecology
can not explain
so pay no regard to those who
say human models never
predicted it would come down 
this way

Strap on and suit
its going to be a bumpy ride
and at the end of the fair
you will likely die

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