Friday, 31 October 2014

I almost cut my hair

Wow was that a freaky way to deal with the problems of today.
Just like tatoos expresse a thing long hair can no longer do
a people who say fuck you. fuck you we can not swim
fast enough to reach your bar
If we reproduce it will be in prision
and that aside from abortion
is the best case senario.

I know every living human
as a soul brother
because I have shared
their pain
in a empathetic way
having traveled
on their hardship train.

Human hardship is such a disgrace
to the name human
we can do everything
we just lack for want
and time
and lets do it 
the right way
lets go scientific
on this big swing
to the big time

Fix this planet
should be the ideal
but the Royaly
would say
poo poo
we will only 
reinforce our
castles in the sand

The solutions are obvious
the reactionary force
so oblivious
can we not 
just move on
make a movie?

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