Friday, 24 October 2014

Time to disarm the dirty dozen

Suicide missions are the glory of movie lore. I think Edge of Tomorrow is a fantastic move incredibly steeped in self sacrifice for the greater good. But if we are to defeat fanaticism we must admit dying is defeat.

But today is not WW2 or one, and now why we fight is confusing. Allies today can not be trusted because we all well know
they will be the foe tomorrow.

The fight is in us
but the goal
can not be won
with blood
Clear thinking 
will stop any bullet
a collition
of outsiders
can aim.

People need to know
the goverment
is at least on paper
for them
the screwing
starts in the second stage

This world is a smorgasbord
of goverment
A few good
mostly bad
even the best
have warts
against we must 

However best practices
is the proven route
to take people
with no resources
and move them past
the roof.

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