Friday, 23 May 2014

Malthusian Justifications

They want me to do it over and over
for a long time I had the will to resist
but now I surrender
I will go down gently
I am to old to further
I currently eat all the beef I can
as I know that fuckishima tuna
is what is in the plan
Its not a bad deal
because as they have calculated
there is a 80% probability I will
be dead from other cause
before the radiation mutes
my body causes

For those of you not facing death
the outcome is more grim
wake up you motherfuckers
the air you breath
the fish you eat
and most of all the GMO
are winding you down.
If I was chairman of the bilderberg group
I would say this was all fine.
Our employees are our finest product really?
Six million Jews killed in Germany
Lots of good employees there
and after the war they imported Turks
to make underwear.

The plan my friends is to kill the planet in general
like it is right now. There are certian sections and
they are large where civilization does not exist
and there will be more as the planning meets reality
so billion dollar floodgates become more interesting
than saving a floating people

Just remember my friends how pretty a yellow
star looked on a Jew bo face.
Everybody knows that Malthusian has a new face

and population depopulation is the new arms race.

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