Sunday, 18 May 2014

Conference Finals

We are there, this team has passed and lept over many hurtles. Some internal for sure, but externally they have move forward over some rough seas. Humans are quick to criticize and find fault. Its called gossip and its all part of the Silver apes fault to provide some more than bananas for the masses. Now we got this team, some elements there but hardly a dream machine compared to the Rangers who have every desirable free agent from forever because they want to be famous on the golden mile.

Game one and we are human in fact we were reptilian going into a shell while directed charges fell. Game two will come and being intelligent we shall adjust.
This Ranger team is a handful of candy superhuman veterans and newbies anginose to break some cherries. Can we break the back of this fantastic attack? We got a shot and I love it alot.

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