Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Goverment for the Corporation by the Corporation

Take a peek into the mind of madness.. The world food safety organization has mandated that Genetically Modified foods be identified. Canada will make it voluntary. Just a few years ago hydrogenated foods (transfats) were seen as harmless. Now we know they are a fatbomb. Because we are what we eat, it makes total sense to be extremely cautious about food.
Consider these scenarios:
just like antibiotic resistance has been created through agricultural use, insects before resistant to all pesticides and taste bad to natural predators
the food looks good tastes good but has little nutrient value, thus wasting all the energy and land that went into its production.
we become dependent upon these crops and some kind of super blight wipes them out.
 So why our government would not even let the consumer make a choice about what they are eating. To add insult to injury the company protected is not even Canadian. As we all know this is just the tip of the iceberg of corporate influence removing choices from Canadians. Ironically it’s the small government types that are always bellowing choice.

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