Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bitter Fruit


Ten years after the tragedy of 911 the combat phase of the Canadian punitive mission to Afghanistan ends.  We had to go, but we should have left when the farce of Iraq was staged. The Conservatives used it as a battering ram against both the NDP and Liberals. To their credit both parties are now not taunting Harper, with labels like Taliban Steve, or Cut and run Harper. Does anyone think if Harper was in opposition he would forgo the cheap political points?
Vietnam was a gift to the world; it kept the Americans from conquering the globe, and it revealed the truth about government, even so called democratic ones. Similarly the people of Iraq stopped the US from invading the whole Middle East. Afghanistan may prevent deployment to Africa, if it turns out that way it was a relativity inexpensive lesson. The west poured a Trillion dollars into Afghanistan, and what can it show  for it? This is what should be in the headlines today, waste not want not.

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