Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Crazy Airport Scheming

ThePickering airport would not only be a boondoggle it has chum deal written all over it. Looking at the map its clear the biggest beneficiary would be HWY 407 Inc.

Kuala Lumpur’s recent airport cost $4 Billion and has capacity for 25 million passengers each year.  Pearson airport occupies 1972 hectares. The Pickering site is 7350 hectares, I wonder who will get to buy the surplus and at what cost. Hamilton airport has 1852 hectares, so it begs the question why can’t Hamilton be expanded to equal the capacity of Pearson, thus negating the need for a new airport. That is if the exponential passenger projections have any validity. For far less than the cost of the Pickering airport an High Speed Train line from Pickering to Hamilton plus a Terminal could be constructed. This balloon reeks of chum.

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