Monday, 2 April 2018

working for the CIA

The little birds that
win battles to put
the CIA in context
with the Game of Thrones
and thats what we are
talking about Willies
no matter how you
candy coat it with
democracy veneer
the number one
job of any intelligence
agency is to win
its countries
battals decisively
with minimum
blood shed
none at all

Whatever any country
in this 2000 year old
world has
done the CIA
has done it one
two three four
five times better

The stuff we
know will blow 
your socks off
because exploding
socks are a favorite
ploy of the CIA
they give you
athletes foot
go to the doctor
he takes your
DNA and
six weeks
later you feet
are fine
and your paid
by the CIA

If you rip behind the
curtain there is going
to be a giant risk board
for certain 
and the color
codes will
handcuff you
but the goal
as always is
ultimate rule

When that is
the goal
a lot of water
boards are
just necessary

What the CIA
does not know
is that people
dont like to be
ruled in the fashion
of Pavlovs dog
and when they
find out aboot
there is going
to be hell to pay
and a DUNE
like prohibition
on PSYCH Ops

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