Monday, 2 April 2018

Wha We P10 cell phone

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My last cell phone was an Apple 5s 
and this phone is as far above it
as the Apple was from
the Blackberry Pearl
that dropped from
a silo tree

the Pearl was
a brilliant device
if you could master
the learning curve
and that was
its fatal flaw
when Apple
came out with

So the P10 is the flagship
phone from the third largest
phone maker in the world.
Huawei has kicked the global
ass in telecom
ask Cisco

Given all we have learned
about back doors in telecom
its rich that the biggest obstacle
Huawei has in the west
is fear its just a bug

So they went to launch the 
beautiful P10 and the Americans
crashed the launch.
National Security Directive
warning carriers that
Huawei devices could
be spies
what they did not
say is American devices
are spies
its a case of projection
I would love to know
everything and take
apart an Apple 8 and 
a Huawei P10
and just see
who is spying
on what

Net result 
you can get a P10
at about a $300 discount
to a similar Samsung or Apple.
In fact you could argue its Leica
camera was first in the class
Bottom line
I love it compared
to my old 5s
and if you like
a bargain
put one in your
pocket while
this anomaly 

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