Monday, 29 January 2018

Religion will fuck you up big time, choose humanity

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Do not be upset, ever true virgin bleeds to confirm something 

Hot of the presses book 7 of the game of thrones, and its all about Ontario.  Dudewe are blessed to have grown up and lived in Golden Times.  I know every generation always says good old days, but we both know the its a slam dunk to prove we where ten times better off growing up as tail end boomers than anyone who lives on this earth will see again.

I remember Steviee XXXXX giving me girl advice.  Ask them to fuck, your going to get a lot of slaps in the face but a lot of fucks a well. I think he was just fired as a Ontario Conservative Party Adviser.  Horndogs have no political affection but it is gender based. I think all men are horndogs, some just control it better.  The primary reason being they are not attractive to the opposite sex. If you look at nature every top dog has a hareem, and for the most part they are not complaining. So we have tried to fit our thinking over this hormonal balance. I think its a good thing, and the reason we progress. So  why are all the women harassed not out in the street saying make ISLAM synopsis with NAZI.

As I have said many times before I have many Muslim friends and more or less lived in some great Asian Muslim cities. However Islam has a dark heart of pedophilia. Christians and Jews have lots of things in the holy books best avoided
and those are the parts most dont practice.  Of the Billion or so Muslims worldwide, this is something they lack.

Dont bring me problems bring me solutions.
First bring the Quebec religion does not matter worldwide.
Second adopt Singapore style public housing worldwide
Third a universal guaranteed income world wide
(taken from the 1% who control 90% of wealth)
Then pass the dutchie to the right

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