Monday, 29 January 2018

Game of Thrones Ontario Canada Style

Ontario is the Anglo Heart of Canada
the place where the dilettantes
from England flocked
to make easy money
trading with the natives
and it remained that
way way up until
the end of the 20th
and then one
day we had
a Gay
which was
great but the rot
of before
was totally supported
just now a happy
inclusive Gay
face on the
pig of goverment

The old white boys
had been 15 years
in the dessert
collecting and wasting
hundreds of millions
on every election cycle
when they finally realized
people are Gay
women should control
their own lives
and no goverment
in the world
really gives
a fuck if
deficits matter
someone down
the road can deal
I will party today
and the holipoli
to dance

So to face an unpopular
dyke the Conservative
selected a guy I thought
was Gay
nevertheless he adopted
every part of the party
in power 
just saying I am a new
but he won the nomination
old style
and the lawsuits
and it turns
our it liked
young girls
so they dumped him
in the dead of night
and went back 
with an old rich white
guy from a small
northern town
at least he does
not smoke 
a pipe

Old white guys
who can rule
small communities
under their thumb
should never be
rulers of a diverse
urban province

Still he has made
his power play
and is sinking knives
in the back of 
colleagues lately
its so great
to see
now that
Game of Thrones
is in long hiatus
House of Cards
is beyond

The interim 
lets just call
him little finger

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