Thursday, 22 October 2015

Giddy in Overtime

Hari Seldon used math to predict and control the future
Ray Bradbury wrote not to predict the future
but to prevent it
maybe that's the best insight
into authors we need to know
people who document our
clown show
and fear the final performance

The reality distortion field has always
enslaved mankind
we used to call it the Church
now its the MAN

To lead is to make decisions
its to show your teeth
and tonsils
and the toe jam 
on your feet

This is a body no one
can love for a long time
but its part of life
like growing old
but where is the youthful
the rule of the
good guys?

Well in my life 
I have seen so many strange
things I have become
even stranger
to reality
than the reality distortion
which i love
and walk into
every day
with joy
cause I am 
not dead
and they pay me
to be alive
and that
in my wallet
next to my
kids is a card
pride and joy
life's laundry

So pr oven the manipulation
so true the lies
the masters of the universe
make a great show
but into this narrative
comes a new block buster
a face and great hair
with some kind of pedigree

Hair boy is a little goofy
we must admit
but is that not what
we want in a friend
serious sucks if you
work that way
every day

Hair boy is actually a man
and he has a plan
and its well thought out
and if the right was
doing it they 
would be all
about keeping promises

I always loved government
because I have travelled the world
and found the people all the same
what made great nations 
was great government
or more importantly
incorruptibly institutions
the arms and legs
and delicate fingers 
of power that must
work for everything

We are in a Lovecraft
some nations
skull, and some 
are forever up the creek
with no paddle
the people choose
after all

Canada has always been 
a nation with the wind at its back
like our andulslian neighbour
a lucky country
but today
we need to attack
not sit on a pile of dirt
digging up prosperity
for that is plantation work
and no matter how hard
the reality distortion field
generator works
no one believes its
the 18th century

I have always been disgusted
when the right says stupid shit
and gets elected and tells
the holi poli with joy
we did what we said
so vote for me

For the first time in my life
someone from the left
has played that game
and got elected
wow Star Wars
trailer wad released 
on the same day

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