Friday, 9 August 2013

Fukushima Needs Urgent Attention

I have no idea what the true threat from Fukushima is. However the situation is moving rapidly to crisis. The main reason for inaction may be that hundreds of Nuclear reactors of the same design are still in use world wide. The fundamental design error is storing the spent fuel rods above the reactor. So the plan seems to be to hope for the best and not raise the alarm, otherwise everyone within 500 miles of one of these reactors is going to be demanding it be corrected if not shut down. The bottom line is a huge catastrophe has been playing out for over two years and lack of response seems unseemly.

From what I have read at the very minimum 500 Km of Japanese Coastline and a minimum 1 Km inland are now uninhabitable. This zone includes Tokyo and Yokohama. That's the best case scenario. I have no special insight but feel the worst case would see Japan become a dead zone, but likely North America would not have serious damage, certainly not as serious as all the above ground nuclear tests.

And just to put the icing on the cake of how bleak the future is for Japan, today the debt reached a quadrillion Yen. ($10 trillion) In contrast the US debt is $16 trillion.

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