Sunday, 4 August 2013

America is the new evil Empire

America, America America, there is no nation in modern civilization that could even be icing on the cake that America has baked. At this point I always have to ask the readers to read before going further David Brinkley.  Google it you lousy kids, his generation of journalism is totally lost. IMHO what Bradley Manning, Julian Assad and Edward Snowdon are doing today, would have been lunch in the park for David Brinkley. If you missed my point America has been a transnational force for the free world. So much good has flowed, and even to this day, it far outstrips the evil. But at the end of the day no one wants to live in a gilded cage!

Ok so we live in a world were the markets are cooked by insider trading and Algo super speed nano cent profit centers. A world were the price of Aluminum is allegedly manufactured.  Some people say there is nothing new, they are all  bad. Really have you just given up your right as a free person because you are so apathetic you imagine your vote is worthless. Hey and if you did vote and it went the wrong way, could be true. BUT I ask anyone reading this, to ask their children, to ask their friends, to ask their co workers, are you fucking Zombies?

Stephen Harper do not get me started on all his shortcomings. Canadian Democracy crippled as it is by the first past the post system has served this country very well. IMHO Canadian governments of all types looked to the Swiss for inspiration. Lets let the people just get along, and we will do some big infrastructure project to make that better.

Stephen Harper and his band of hard right neo cons has moved Canada off it axis.
First job of the hard right is to prove government does not work. We know this to be totally false in areas of natural monopolies.

First economic birth from Harper was  bringing in a structural deficit, which is neo con 101. Starve the baby in the bathwater, it does not matter if that baby could grow up to be Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, we do not need those people getting ahead.

I could write a novel about how Stephen Harper is changing Canada. Little smarmy was and many huge power plays like the embarrassment of excessive endorsement of the Monarchy somehow relevant to modern Canada.

The most dangerous way he is moving is to give the USA Military Industrial Complex free reign in Canada. Like we are a third world country. No way no how American operate in Canada above the law. Get Mad, get Angry  wake up Canada Zombies. We took in draft dogers at the height of the War in Vietnam, we can stand up to America and still trade.

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  1. Why they would even request such extra territorial waivers is mind boggling, and revealing about the dark heart at the center of the US.