Thursday, 6 June 2013

Most Beautiful/Sexy Car of all Time

The Jag E type is going to win every contest.  Some cars that did not make this list that would be on mine.

Mazda RX-7

Honda NSX
Cadillac Seville (1980-1985)
Fiat X19
Ferrari 380GTSi
Ferrari testarossa
Alfa  Romero -156
Toyota 2000GT (James Bond Edition)

Opel GT
Rolls Royce Phanton V

Edstock Editions

1954 Studebaker Starliner
1956 Lincoln Continental Mk II
1961 Lincoln Continental

More classics. and the NYT Collectibles. You will not believe what these cars are worth. The E Type is an easy quarter of a million dollars.

1936 Delahaye Type 135 Teardrop coupe

2005 XXR


  1. For production cars, go look at Raymond Lowey's 1954 Studebaker Starliner.
    Also, the 1956 Lincoln Continental Mk II, the 1961 Lincoln with the suicide doors. First use of curved door window glass and "low-profile" tires.
    For racers, Lance Reventlow's Scarabs and 5-litre Maseratis both from the late 50's. As well, Jaguar made one mid-engine prototype, which still exists.

  2. Thanks Ed, I added the street cars.


    1. Hi Luca, I agree and have added the pic.