Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Obama's debate performance explained

What’s behind the empty podium?  President Obama’s unspun performance is worthy of a conspiracy theory.  It had to be deliberate. The question is was it Obama’s idea?
Two facts: first his posture, remember how he was leaning on the podium and the frequent screenshots of him dangling one leg? Second his closing statement, a meandering mess. At the presidential level the closing statement is not ad libbed.
Two performance disasters that even the most elementary debaters are schooled against. Therefore there are only three explanations. 1) He was drugged; 2) its part of a strategy to let Mitt lie himself into oblivion or 3) most plausibly the men in black paid the campaign a visit.
Somehow Obama was persuaded to blow the debate. We can only wonder what was the stick or the carrot.


  1. All will be forgotten if Obama remembers the cameras next debate.

  2. Drugs! Drugs!!!

    The new polls are scaring me. Get ready for an influx of Americans to Canuckistan when RMoney wins

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