Monday, 1 October 2012


Movie fans from Canada will remember Elwy Yost the host of the Saturday night movie show on TVO. His son Graham has created a contemporary Rockford Files. based upon a Elmore Leonard character. IMHO James Garner was the most charming, charismatic actor ever.  The Rockford files was about a hard luck detective, Justified is about a hard luck US Marshal. Timothy Olyphant perfectly portrayed the complicated straight shooting frontier Sheriff in Deadwood. In Justified he works with the same template updated to fit today's Harlan county Kentucky. Arguably Raylan Givens exudes greater charm and is more handsome than Jim Rockford.  Justified mines the complicated relationships that can be created by a beautiful ex wife and beautiful ex girlfriend. There are family feuds, high school friends to shoot, and good ole boys being good ole boys.  As he wades through a swamp of weed, meth and moonshine his inclination is to put his own extra- legal stamp of justice on the situation. The fourth season is just about to start, so catch up and add Justified to your upper  echelon of dramatic TV productions.

My Top Shelf
1)The Wire
2)The Sopranos
4)Breaking Bad
7)Walking Dead
8) Battle star Galacticia
10) Rockford Files


  1. Very nice top shelf. Have you seen Sherlock? You should check it out if you haven't.

    1. Yes I have watched a couple of episodes. I really like it. I will watch it when it has a larger inventory of episodes. My preference is to watch TV series with at least 20 episodes. Walking Dead is an expectoration because I just love zombie movies, and at least the first season was a steamroller.

    2. Another British series I never miss is Merlin, although it is aimed at the Twilight audience. Misfits is my current comedy favorite.

    3. I just realized GOT was not on the list. At this point I would have to put it somewhere in the top five, but it only has two seasons.