Thursday, 27 September 2012

Good Deeds, Good News, used as weapons

Are you tired of being inspired. I am. With todays medicine and technology people we would have written off a couple of decades ago are making real contributions. However the foucs is all on the good news story to end the segment dealing whih what is increasingly a dark reality. The message is , hey at least all your parts  work so do not complain. People suffer so many idnatiys daily it makes the very small percentage of people who rise above their horrendous disabilities part of propaganda. Yes I respect what they have done. If I was placed in the same situation would I thrive, I doubt it. Yes they are inspiring individuals, but they take our eyes off the disablity we all face, the 1% control the playing field like never before in human history. The closest we can come to examine the effect is the robber baron era in the USA. Today the labratory would be Hong Kong, or Singapore. Do the 99% really think they are going to join the club?

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