Wednesday, 6 November 2013

When crackheads Rule

When crackheads rule
the idea of democracy
is touted like blue meth
but underneath the veneer
the powers that be
the powers that have
superhuman powers
and connected networks
that see
will always make fools
out of you and me

I am an elitist
yes I am
that's due to the fact
I appreciate decisions
that move forward
this planet ruled by man

Look there is a history
some kind of record
even though it was
written by repressible wretches
We now defy our bible
and do not keep slaves
beat our children
or eat food according to the dictates
of pre refrigerated ways.

If I were a pol
I would pull out the history card
and make my opponents fold
Alvin Toffler predicted future shock
but what he did not address
is how easy it would be
for the opportunist
to appeal to those
who cant understand
why their parents zeal
is cannon fodder on
the progress wheel

The world is a fucked up place
but it has never been better
Yes we face huge challenges
first and foremost is how
humans have screwed the weather.

The reason communism did not work
is because humans are dirt
its in their DNA
they forgo progress
only to get their own way
I acknowledge that
and work for change
because once you
know somebody
nine chances out of ten
they become your friend
we have no enemies
except the masters of the universe
and no doubt we need to herd cats
but if it were explained exactly
like that
we would acquiesce and say
my scientifically administrated
personality test
proved I am in the same way

If you are gloomy and
Watching the walking dead
thinking this is our destiny
I say don't live the lie
they are only trying to sell
machetes to people better off
growing horns of plenty
The technology is here
its not sci fi
its not immature
its a question of cost
and when we can spend a
fortune on wars
when all sides lost
an opportunity exists

to invest in the best quest

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