Monday, 26 September 2011

No way to sugarcoat Nazi's emerging from the South Pole

Even reading the sanitized version of Operation Highjump raises doubts. Then ponder how Admiral Forrestal died weeks after  Operation Highjump. Lots of Highjump links, here, here, and lets not forget the tie in to Operation Paperclip, here. Rosswell has cover from Occams Razer, Operation Highjump is the truth shaved.

Wikileaks may be poised to(video for hardcore only) blow the lid off these mysteries. Ironically I could not find any rational links to the Wikileak UFO story, who would have guessed it? Will history fundamentally change in October? No matter what the facts, highly unlikely. However, what if the current finance crisis is a front for a Nazi takeover? The Nazi’s after 60 years of living in Hollow earth choosing this time to emerge would explain everything.

A link that takes things a step further.

A movie based upon the above.

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