Monday, 15 August 2011

Top Ten Reasons Canadians Should celebrate Castro's Birthday

Photo by (Podknox)

Top ten reasons Canadians should celebrate Castro’s 85th Birthday
1) Over the years we have made a bundle selling Cuban cigars to Americans
2) Gives Canadians a safe place to go south in the winter.
3) Provides an answer to the question how are Canadians different from Americans?
4) The iconic photo of Che looks great in your dorm or on a T-shirt.
6) Even when he had the chance he did not nuke America
7) Keeps Giorgio Mammoliti busy plotting his overthrow.
8) Gives Canada breathing room otherwise we would be the “socialist menace less than a meter from the border”
9) If not for Cuba, Canada would be the star in every Michael Moore documentary.
10) We can all wear sandals in the summer now because PET wore them once in Cuba.

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