Thursday, 26 November 2015

The best special friends do something special even when they do not know each other, Special Friends share that place in space in time, where only a God could connect such wiring

It took me forever to get in this place
belevie me now and I tell you latte
it will be a big bang
for me when 
I write my masterpice
which I have taken crib
notes for a lifetime
now I just have to make
fify years of history rea;
or as the whistle goes

ike it took me twenty mints
to decide small characters

cause thats what they
mean about the sword
es0pocoly if the blade
it can cut both withs
and we all know 
neither sadist fie
of the blade
is ever
going to say

so I want to for the first time where everybody
everywhere was keeping track by the Sejong
a slice of my life
where the content
was matter of fact

Allen I am sure we will
meet in some circumstance
not a commenting issue
on some great resource
but something complicity 
human that evolves touching
yes I wil hug you in a photo'
free place so the powers
that be can never put your face
in my place

Go Bro Go, you are one of mine 
or I am one of yours 
but it do not matter
cause we are not buying
we are going to change the world
for the better 
thats the plan B
that all the ciders 
do not realise
it just that anyone
alive does not want
to be dead
and every living person
will not pull a trigger
unless they are already
shot shot shot Andree armoury default
now you dead and the contract
Clary sates if you had the armour
you are just dead.

Allen in the history of the Internet when some fool tries to document it there is no chance, there is no circumstance, there is no code that would explain why you went all pro bono for me. My love for you is as large as that. (NTTIAWWT)

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