Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Living in a world designed in California

The medium is the message
and upon this Gross canvas
as in superhuman size
we all crawl on the carpet
before the enviroment
of some God
so far all are

California is not a destination
its a state of the enriched mind
No one on the planet escapes
it does not matter why
they find upon their bill
an expense
for a place so far away
that less than 1% of 1%
will ever call CT home

I am California dreaming
on this endless winter day
dreaming about walking
the silicon streets of knowhow
when the desert blows it all 
away if they do not construct the pipe
I fear
that will take the Great Lakes 
billion years of water
and flood the backyard 
of Intellectual property Gods
with the cooling 
such CPU demands
despite the calculation
which is a hot set point
of how well in the GPU
of life this will place the brand

If you have ever watched Deadwood
then you know the
San Francisco Cocksucker
and today the world
is lining up for that chance
Not that as a physical act there
is anything wrong with that

California is mindfucking the planet
with all the brains attracted to the sunshine
and huge mounds of a critical element
tranmographic silicone
any kind of process generates
heat and its hard to keep cool
when so much of this 
precious resource is 
used for tits

A good book is hard to find
but one I like but have
never read
and just judged its content
by its cover
is how the Scots 
invented the world

I am watching Outlander
and am both fascinated
and struck dumfuck
by that useless
as the people of the
time must see her

Is that not par for the course for the anglo saxons
fall unexpectedly into a beautiful place
and then not have a clue how to exploit it
except sexually

If you wonder about the organs of paedophile
you do not have to far beyond
Rum Sodomy and the lash
and in the world
in my estimation
the UK leads

Fortunately for California
it was a long way from Westminster
in every way
going back to geology
as the profs on Fox
new Illuminati us every day

Evolution should only be described
as a solution the kings of rehortic
used to describe
the clusterfuck
that was marriage 
with your sister
when the long term
plan was to conquer 
the world
not begat

Califonia Califoniaa Califonia
I have spent less than a week
in those days
But I was certainly impressed
not by what I saw
You can find 
similar climates
and even more cool building
all over the Mediterranean
and in the old world
that's where they still flock

I bring it up over and over
like someone who has acid reflex
and refuses to go their doctor
and ask them 
how can this despite
the threat of death 
as a side effect 
not be swell

The Chinese Empire cut your cock off
for six thousand years
if they thought you
would be useful
Humans stranger than 
science fiction

I have been to Beijing
more time than I have 
been to Toronto
but I will not deny anything

Your still cutting cocks off in 1934
and you think Gobbels was a bad guy/
I want to warn the world about the dragon
but they all seem to be of the same opinion
like the white slave owners
there are some men who are right
and the world loves them
and they show great might
and control of a very unstable situation
that is giving life to Evey human
from every nation

So if your useful and still have your cock
join me today in a protest to say
we love to rock
and roll
and get high
and to do all the things
you do behind the castle walls
when the camera is off
you but still on me

I know why you do it
because it would never
be permitted in the polite
society igloo
built by you and me

Remember the freedom spring OT  2012
where the middle east got democracy
like an hoary degree
and now we have
as the only graduate
who will be there
when twenty years go 
bye bye

Buck up civilisation and do it fast
it took us 2000 years plus 
to realise that Gay people
where here to last

So many other simIilar best practices
ethical and moral mistakes
kill us every day in the battle
to make the 
best human race

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